Sree Narayana Guru Central School, Ezhukone, Kollam, Kerala
Sree Narayana Guru Central School, Ezhukone, Kollam | phone: +91 91 474 2483059
Art is an integral part of school education as this is one field which can provide students with wings to soar into the realm of imagination. Just as Holi is a splash of colors the students of the primary section are allowed to play with colors. More than it being the teacher’s direction, it is the students foray into fantasy that is given importance. Here the students experiment with the drawing of still forms, nature landscaping and clay modeling. Further up students in the middle school indulge in abstract painting and preparing models and charts. The senior class students engage themselves in glass painting and fabric coloring, on days of festivities students help in decoration wing greetings and festoons.