Sree Narayana Guru Central School, Ezhukone, Kollam, Kerala
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Other Activities
The school elects the School Leader, Deputy Leader, Captain, Vice Captain through a democratic process.
The electoral procedure begins with filing nominations followed by campaigning and finally the election, in which students from Classes VI to XII participate. The office bearers of the four houses namely Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna and Kaveri are also elected by students.
The Investiture Ceremony of the office bearers is held during the School Assembly. It is a solemn occasion when the elected students formally take charge of their responsibilities.
Striving to keep the flame of patriotism burning in each and every child, the school celebrates the Independence Day with fervour and enthusiasm. Flag hoisting, PT Displays, rendering of National Integration Songs and inspiring speeches mark the celebrations. These remind the children of their duty towards their nation and motivate them to uphold the values of democracy and secularism.
The festive spirit of Onam is brought alive through Attapookalam, Rangoli, Onapattu, Vanchipattu, Thiruvathira etc. which lend cheer and excitement to the grind of the academic term.
Sports and Games are given importance to help children imbibe a competitive spirit and healthy rivalry which equip them for facing challenges of the modern world. The Annual Sports Meet is conducted every year and children exhibit their calibre in various fields of Sports.

The Annual Day provides a stage to showcase the talents of children with emphasis on maximum participation. Children and teachers work hand in hand to make this occasion a memorable one.
The House System is an integral part of the school and develops team spirit and camraderie among students. The whole school is divided into 4 houses namely Spring, Summer, Autum and Winter. Each house is placed under a house master who is assisted by a team of Assistant House Masters. The House Captain, Vice-Captain, Prefects and Asst. Prefects are elected from among students. Regular Inter House Competitions are held in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the objective being the building up of confidence, team spirit, creativity and tapping the artistic potential. Every child gets an opportunity to participate in these events. Literary competitions range from vocabulary games, memory tests etc. at the lower levels to creative writing and extempore at the higher levels. Competitions also include recitation, drawing and painting, individual and group music, group dance, floral arrangement etc.
Opportunities are given to students to participate in various Inter School Competitions both within the city and outside. Some of the prestigious competitions where our students have been proving their calibre time and again are The CBSE Sahodaya Youth Festival