Sree Narayana Guru Central School, Ezhukone, Kollam, Kerala
Sree Narayana Guru Central School, Ezhukone, Kollam | phone: +91 91 474 2483059
Vision & Mission
The school envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. The school is committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among it’s learners. It works towards evolving a learning process and environment, which empowers the future citizens to become global leaders in the emerging global society. The school follows continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of learners. The school provides learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace. The school provides all facilities to achieve academic excellence by conceptualizing policies and their operational planning to ensure balanced academic activities in the school. The school insist on providing quality education to the learners.
1.Ensuring learning :-
School has set it’s goals in different areas of child development. The ultimate aim of the school is to provide 100 % students a holistic and quality education in next 3 years. For the same, the school emphasizes a learning atmosphere rather than Teacher centred atmosphere. The class rooms are provided with LCD and computer. Fully equipped Science Labs, Computer Lab and library with wide collection in all subjects and language which helps learners to construct their knowledge.
2.Preparing Global Citizens:-
Second mission of the school is to prepare it’s students to become Global Citizens by instilling values and positive attitudes.All efforts are made to promote intellectual, social and cultural qualities. Life Skill Development go side by side of education. We hope in next 3 years, we will be successful in laying foundation for preparing Global Citizens.
3.Developing Language Skills :-
Within next 3 years, the school will achieve the target of good language skill especially in English. To develop communication skill, the management has engaged Specially Trained Language experts who will create an atmosphere of English in the school campus.